Biotin – Hair Growth

Biotin for healthy hair

Biotin hair growth

Consider supplements for healthy hair – biotin for hair growth

What is the relationship between biotin, hair growth, and hair strength?  Biotin, also known as the B-7 vitamin, is known to aid in the promotion of healthy hair growth and hair strength, protecting against dryness and breakage.  If you are looking to cultivate longer beautiful healthy hair, you can look to biotin for hair shaft strengthening, which can lead to faster hair growth.

Biotin and hair growth – how much biotin for hair growth?

While many people consume foods containing biotin such as cauliflower, red meat, eggs and cucumbers, it’s been shown that taking in a higher does produce benefits for hair, skin, and nails.  It’s also been noted to help with eyelash growth (something that can be exciting for those who feel that their lashes are sparse).  The best way to consume biotin for hair strengthening/growth would be internally, through supplements.

It is said that biotin works the best when consumed on a regular basis at an average of 5000 mcg per day with consistent daily consumption, however, I couldn’t really find a consensus as to the amount to take for specific hair strengthening/growth.  If you are biotin deficient, it could be as simple as brining up your biotin intake to an individualized optimum level, which could be different for everyone.  This is something you could check out with a professional to make sure it’s something that is even needed, especially if you already take a lot of supplements and/or medications.  Of course any hair growth experienced will likely not be seen overnight, so patience and willingness to make this practice a habit will go a long way.  Biotin can be found at local drug and vitamin stores as well as online.

Shampoo and conditioner options with biotin - hair growth

Shampoo and conditioner options with biotin – hair growth

Biotin can also be found as an additive in some shampoos that claim to help strengthen hair. It’s possible that it can help repair weak strands of hair, but this has not yet been proven. Consuming biotin as a supplement versus topically seems to be the way to go here, as the supplement would be able to work from within the hair structures versus trying to fix the already damaged shaft after the fact.

Biotin hair growth results

When trying to get results from consuming vitamins and watching what we eat, it helps to also be aware of hair breakage that can often occur.  This is especially important when trying to grow longer hair, as the length of your hair will be limited by the breakage point (no matter how fast your hair may be growing).  Using cool water to wash, avoiding using styling products, and intentionally being gentle when combing will help alleviate any unnecessary hair breakage.  Colder water seals the pores of your hair and helps retain moisture.

Biotin hair growth reviews

I personally had starting taking a vitamin B complex as a dietary supplement for weight loss.  I did lose some weight, but wasn’t sure which part of my diet was helping with that.  What I did notice that I wasn’t expecting was shinier healthier looking hair, as well as less hair in the drain after showering, which was a nice surprise.

Overall reviews I have seen are similarly positive with respect to Biotin and hair strengthening.  I’ve also heard from a few folks that it has helped with the growth of their eyelashes! There is still no magic pill to fix hair loss, but biotin seems to be a great inexpensive starting point in the least.